Building and investing in and with remarkable people

People call me Business Accelerator. I work with entrepreneurs, investors and founders – with the mission to help my partners build their wealth and create passive income.


This Is How I

Deal Broker

Together with my team and external analysts who operate worldwide, we are constantly on the lookout for the right deals for you that will bring you closer to your investment goals.

Investment Partner

I will match you with suitable investors if you are a remarkable founder or I will invest in your organisation myself.


In my role as Co-Founder, I work side by side with my partners to develop new business models, start new companies or create the right foundation to scale up

Digital Marketing Systems

Together with your team, I work on your company's marketing systems, implement attention-generating funnels, build audience ownership and create demand for your products and services to automate your revenues and attract investors.

Digital Sales Processes

For your sales team, I build a digital sales process, develop converting outreach, qualification, sales and follow up scripts and train your sales department to achieve better results with the existing lead list.


I use my relationships to bring you together with other strong entrepreneurs, founders and investors to exponentially increase the outcome of your marketing and sales activities or your investments.

Kevin Iboi

My Story

„I am not looking for a paycheck. I work to add maximum value and move my partners forward. I want them to get to their goals and solve their problems faster, safer and with less effort and frustration because of my involvement. First and foremost, my partners have to win. I then only see myself as a small part of it“. 

– Kevin Iboi

Kevin Iboi is deeply convinced that remarkable entrepreneurs, founders and investors play a crucial role in solving many problems on our planet. They are the ones who come up with innovative ideas to tackle challenges and bring about positive change. His goal is to help them achieve their goals and solve problems.

On his personal path as an entrepreneur, he himself experienced a special challenge: the suspected diagnosis of optic atrophy at the time. A disease of the optic nerve that is irreversible and in many cases leads to severe vision loss. It was an incisive moment in his life that made him realise how important it is to deal with medical problems and find solutions for them.

With this experience in mind, he has set himself a mission: to cure diseases like optic atrophy in the years to come. He firmly believes that by investing in research and development and collaborating with experts and entrepreneurs, significant progress is possible. His goal is to promote innovative approaches to advance medical science and help people around the world regain their health.
He believes that by scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and investors working together, amazing breakthroughs can be achieved.

For this reason, he uses his expertise in digital marketing and sales as well as his ability to source lucrative deals, to move his partners forward. With the mission to help them build wealth and create passive income opportunities for them and for him.

Be Part of This Journey

I am constantly on the lookout for inspiring entrepreneurs, founders and investors. Especially when they have a great vision and a higher purpose. If you are interested in working with me, please fill out the contact form and my team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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